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Beer Middle School Bulletin for Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fall Registration 2017-2018 Fall Registration August 28, 2017 Sixth graders will be as follows: A-J: 9-11AM Break for a picnic with the principals 11-12PM J-Z:12-2PM August 29, 2017 Seventh Graders: 9-11AM Break for a picnic with the principals 11-12PM Eight Graders:12-2PM

First day of school School Resumes September 5, 2017 This is a half day dismissal is at 11AM

Yearbook Club Meetings Yearbook Club Meetings 3:00 - 4:30 Room 210 9-14-17 (3-3:30) 10-12-17 11-16-17 12-14-17 1-11-18 2-8-18 3-8-18 4-19-19 (Final Celebration/Pizza Party 3-3:30

Sports Physicals Can be done at Mott High School Image result for sports physicals WARREN MOTT HIGH SCHOOL OFFERS SPORTS PHYSICALS ST. JOHN PROVIDENCE 3131 12 Mile Road Warren, MI 48092 248-849-5692 Cost is $25.00

Background Checks BACKGROUND CHECKS MUST BE DONE EVERY SCHOOL YEAR All parents who want to be involved in any activitie with Beer MS Students. NO ACCEPTIONS! Here is a list of things that you would need a background check for.

    Booster Parents Volunteering Field Trips Washington DC Trip
Background checks take two weeks to process, therefore we cannot accept a back ground check the day/week before an event. What you will need to hand into Beer MS for your background check Copy of your license front and back Background check authorization form filled out and signed Copy of your Certificate of Completion of the bloodborned Pathogens and Concussions

School Supplies Suggested Supplies for the school year Teachers may ask for more supplies once school starts that is not on the list 8th Grade Supply List Colored pencils Yellow highlighter Pencils #2 with erasers Pens (black/blue) Ruler (metal or wood) science Pen (red, green, orange etc… for checking math) Loose leaf paper (wide ruled) 3 – One subject notebook (language arts, science, math) 1 – Three ring binder 1” with pocket (math) 2 – Two pocket folder (art, language arts) 1 – Composition book (Spanish) 1 – Flash drive and earbuds/headphones (21st Century) 10 – Manila folders (math) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7th Grade Supply List Colored pencils Glue sticks 2 – Highlighter (chisel tip yellow) Pencils # with erasers Blue/Black pen Black Flair Marker 3- Three ring binders 1’ (social studies, language arts, math) 1 – du-tong folder w/pockets (social studies) 2 – du-tong folder w/pockets (language arts) 3 – Spiral notebook (science, language arts, social studies) OPTIONAL: Zip pencil pouch Hand pencil sharpener Scissors Earbuds ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6th Grade Supply List Glue Sticks Pencils #2 with erasers Pens Colred pencils or Markers 2 - two pocket folder (social studies, language arts) 4 - Spirals (language arts, social studies, math, spanish) 1/2" White 3-Ring binder (band) 2 - 1" 3-ring binders )science, social studies) 1 - 5pk plastic dividers (science) 1 pk loose leaf paper (wide ruled) 1 - Flash drive and ear buds/headhones (21st century)

Math Camp Is a pre-registered class August 14-16 9-11AM August 21-24 9-11AM

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